Advertising Services

With over 20 years experience in Sales, Advertising and Marketing, we offer a unique service within the media market.

From small scale campaigns to multimedia product launches or brand awareness campaigns, we have the experience and contacts to ensure that it is smooth sailing for our clients - we take the worry out of it all.


Super Screen

Pulse Advertising has access to Tasmania's only SuperScreen, a full colour electronic billboard screen, positioned above the Eagle Hawk Inn on the corner of Elizabeth and Federal Streets, North Hobart. This has already earned the honour of being the “most watched” sign in Southern Tasmania.

The screen can be seen by over 25000 cars per day, every day. So if you need a quick sales campaign or want to build you brand profile, contact pulse today on 63219333.

Poster Billboards

We can provide access to over 100 sites around Tasmania.

From inner city to rural signs, we can get your message across the state.

One of the most cost effective forms of advertising, billboards get your message across and creates impact for your promotion.

Outdoor advertising reinforces other advertising streams so consider adding value to your print, radio and tv advertising - contact Pulse today on 63219333 for availability.

Bus & Taxi Advertising

Bus and taxi advertising = mobile billboards that gets your message moving.

From posters inside the bus to the using the whole bus as a billboard, we can tailor a campaign that integrates seamlessly with your advertising programme.

Taxi back advertising is the most mobile outdoor advertising available, and like most taxis, run 24/7. Taxis are everywhere and provide a cost effective advertising avenue.

Pulse Advertising can provide bus advertising in Hobart, Launceston, Devonport and Burnie along with Taxi Back advertising in these major population centres.

So if you need a quick sales campaign or want to increase the recognition factor of your radio and tv advertising, contact Pulse today on 63219333 for availability.

Web Design & Print Media

We have access to a number of developers and graphic design professionals who provide design Services from logos, stationery sets and style guides through to all design work for your online or outdoor advertising campaign.

Contact us on 62319333 or to discuss your requirements.

Marketing Management

We can manage a complete campaign via all major streams: outdoor, social, tv, radio, online.